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The mighty Sir Richard Branson

The mighty Sir Richard Branson - Aristotle said that we are is what we do repeatedly. Habits someone no doubt form a personality and form the perspective of others against him. That is to say that ordinary people have a regular habit as well, but those who do not usually have the unusual habit as well. For those of us who still need to learn to be extraordinary, to learn from those remarkable is necessary. But how to learn from someone who is brilliant to be able to emulate kecemerlangannya? One of them is to look at the daily habit.

Sir Richard Branson is recognized as one of the legendary figure in the international business world. His company called Virgin has penetrated every corner of the world.Almost everyone agrees that Branson is a unique personal exemplary persistence, especially in entrepreneurship. For that we need to know what Branson habits in everyday activities considering the habit, as Aristotle says, is what defines someone's identity.
There are a number of routine behaviors that despite Branson seem trivial but is able to help him think more clearly and have a personal understanding of each incident and the circumstances surrounding any time. Here are some habits of Branson, as reported from

Out of the comfort zone 
Richard Branson continuously out of the comfort zone into new areas of business and different challenges. Everything he did to test the endurance, skill and ability to solve problems.

Faced with the problem directly 
When problems arise, Branson deal with immediately and aggressively to ensure that small problems have been solved until the roots so as not to get worse in the future.

Be open to challenges 
Branson is continuously open itself to changes in things such as perspectives, viewpoints and approaches to any situation which he said would help him to achieve the goals and ambitions in a more efficient and effective.

Make the time well
Branson has a high awareness about the importance of time. Every second that passes is an opportunity to do things better, toward the next goal higher and broader. He then used the time to combine business with pleasure.

Hunting for new opportunities
Branson always try to look for opportunities and new ideas around it that will enable it to achieve greater excellence than its competitors.

Do not hesitate to ask
Branson always ask about things associated with providing solutions that express pemikirannnya and help him overcome the challenges confronting every day.

Challenging yourself
Branson did not hesitate to continue to provide challenges to yourself both in your personal life and business activities. He sees everything as an opportunity to strengthen the commitment and expertise and develop his business empire, Virgin.

Enjoying life
Despite continued to work, Branson did not forget to enjoy life. He claimed to continue to seek new business crack, new adventures and experiences in other fields. He believes that life should always be enjoyed to the maximum extent possible or we totally miss it and regret.

Have a good time
Branson turn all things into a game that makes the job seems like a game to have fun.Because of this, he tried to combine work with fun and managed to create a culture of casual but still full of spirit at work.

Meet new people
Branson enthusiastic in building a network of relationships. He enjoys meeting new people, discuss new opportunities and build mutually beneficial relationships with other parties.

Trying new things
Is it trying to field a new and unexpected business, or fly a balloon over a record distance, Branson is always looking to try new things that he'd never done or experienced before. At least in life, he had done it once.

Enjoying work
Because Branson combine work with having fun so that he could improve his spirits and strengthen his motivation to work harder for longer throughout the day and night.

Takes note book
He looks always carry a notebook in your pocket to be able to write his new project ideas, solicit feedback from our customers and employees and to write down goals or ambitions, thoughts and experiences. By writing in a notebook, he could more easily clarify 
thinking and provide guidance in the work.

Gathered with great people
By hanging out with those brilliant and dedicated in their respective fields, he felt getting guidance in making crucial decisions. He also gathered with their colleagues and staff who have goals, principles and interests. These people are by themselves provide moral support to the vision, mission and every effort is made Branson.

Take calculated risks
Branson to take measured risks in business and life. He understands that there are limitations but does not mean to be reckless and careless in running the business.Moving intelligently and make progress step by step through the early days of business management upheaval.

Set aside time to read and learn
He was very aware that the usual wisdom and lessons obtained from the mistakes and personal experience. In addition, he acknowledged that lessons can be experienced through reading. Reading the book as a shortcut to learning as much as possible wisdom in a relatively shorter time than having to learn and experience directly in the field.

Sleep for a moment and reflect
In order to refresh the mind and body, Branson used for a short sleep on the sidelines of preoccupations. He also did not hesitate to take a moment just to reflect on the passion of doing business. That way, creativity and new ideas can continue to emerge.

Take time to think
Branson took the time to design a new idea, plan new projects and think about creative solutions to be able to answer the problem at hand.

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