Saturday, April 23, 2011

War between Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc.

War between Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc.- Samsung Electronics Co. filed a lawsuit on Apple Inc. in Seoul, Tokyo, and Germany in response to Apple's claims about their trademark in the United States this weekend. Samsung's lawsuit did not directly answer the demands of the Apple. They even accuse Apple violated a patent cellular transmission technology

This legal dispute is one of dozens of major cases that are sticking out a few months because of intense competition smart phone market. But, the case of Apple, Samsung dominate because even compete in the mobile phone business, the two are close business partners with Apple's position as one of the biggest chip buyer, screens, and other components of production Samsung.

"Samsung is responding to queries on legal measures to protect our intellectual property and ensure our continuous innovation and growth of the mobile communications business," Samsung issued a statement yesterday.

Samsung spokesman said the suspect Apple's lawsuit violates patents held by South Korean firms in terms of optimizing the transmission and the reduction of energy usage during data transmission, 3G technology to reduce data transmission errors, as well as methods of connecting the phone to a PC to use the phone's wireless data connection.

Meanwhile, Apple charges filed Tuesday (04/19) and then in the United States has accused Samsung copying the look, product design, packaging, and user interface the iPhone and iPad his property, violating patents and trademarks. That demand shows a comparison of Apple's iPhone 3G, released in June 2009, with Galaxy S i9000 which was released in March 2010.

Samsung is now a manufacturer of electronic goods with the greatest revenue, subtly rejected demands that evoke the image of their copycat who they thought had been solved many years ago. Although the Galaxy model they came out three years after the original iPhone, Samsung has moved more quickly to offset Apple's innovation in computer tablet, Galaxy Tab issued seven months after Apple iPad.

Director of Samsung, Lee Kun-hee, during a visit to the headquarters of Samsung, Thursday, indirectly characterize Apple's demands as efforts to limit the Samsung. "When the nails sticking out, people tried to hit him," Lee told reporters who met him in the lobby, according to South Korean news reports.

Apple executives said that the tension between the two companies is the answer to the question the analyst, in a telephone news conference Wednesday. "We are the largest customers Samsung and Samsung is a supplier of components that are very valuable to us, and I expect a strong relationship will continue," said Tim Cook, Apple's Chief Operating in a telephone connection. "Apart from this, we feel the mobile communications division of Samsung has exceeded the limit. And after trying for some time focused on this issue, we decided we needed to rely on the courts. "

Based on Samsung's annual report, published recently, Apple was the second largest subscription Samsung in 2010, following Sony Corp. with little difference. But, seeing the Apple sales are growing fast, Apple is probably the largest subscription now Samsung.

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